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tangled up in blue

17 September 1983
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so just in case the name and picture werent a giveaway, ill sepecify.
eylo im rose.

gonna be rambling about love and life, ranting about work occasionally vice versa i should imagine.

living out most of my dreams, albeit scattered around europe at this present time.

feel free to try and keep up or tell me to shut up, whichever suits.

my family rock and i love them dearly. arguably because they are a couple of countries away. but they are wonderful and unique. and ill be undoubtedly taking the piss constantly.

my friends are incredibly varied, again in a beautifully bizzare way. i fit in perfectly.
my girlfriend. well. dont have the words for her. ill be rambling on about her incessantly though.

yes im gay. no i dont have a fauhawk or a truckers cap perched at a rakish angle. yes i do own a silly amount of buffy. yes its sadly all in my head. no im not a scene queen. yes im camper than a tent full of boy scouts. yes ive finished this section.